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Group Purchasing Plans


Two Corporate Partners offer a Group Purchasing Plan that provides discounts to IACLEA members and donates a percentage of the sales back to IACLEA to support our organizational goals and objectives.


Galls, LLC

GallsGalls offers IACLEA members a 10% discount on all orders. Galls pays IACLEA a royalty of 1% of net revenue collected by Galls from the sale of products to IACLEA members. A partner since 2005, Galls made an initial contribution to IACLEA to be used for educational resources, professional development, and other programs to enhance campus public safety.

Now, Galls has been awarded preferred vendor status for the new IACLEA branded apparel. Available for sale via a unique IACLEA page on the Galls website,, most Galls apparel displays the new IACLEA logo. Wear your membership proudly.


D. Stafford & Associates

SprintUnder the agreement, IACLEA member institutions receive five percent off the cost of purchasing a subscription to the on-line training program for their campus.  Additionally, in efforts to support IACLEA’s strategic goal of advancing the skills and knowledge of campus public safety professionals, D Stafford & Associates pays IACLEA a royalty of five percent of the net revenue collected from the subscription of institutions to the CSA Online Training Program.