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IACLEA has established the Corporate Partnership Program to support the implementation of IACLEA's strategic initiatives, to further its educational mission, and to enhance the ability of campus public safety agencies to protect institutions of higher education. We can tailor a partnership program that meets your company’s values, mission, and business goals.  For more information, contact Susan Koczka, Director of Corporate Partnerships at (860) 586-7517, ext. 523 or via email:

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Current Pledge Levels

Corporate Partner Plus Level: $45,000 over a three year period, typically paid $15,000/year.

Corporate Partner Level - $30,000 over a three year period, typically paid $10,000/year.

Donations made to IACLEA in support of this program are “unrestricted” donations.

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Allied Barton Sprint Galls
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360 Stay Safe Boss Consulting Inc StanleySecurity
SRMC Securitas