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IACLEA Statement on Bomb Threats

Anne P. Glavin, President

September 14, 2012

Today, two universities were the targets of bomb threats, which caused university police to issue evacuation orders. The University of Texas at Austin campus, in the area of Inner Campus Dr and W 22nd St, has reopened to students and staff following an evacuation due to a bomb threat. No bombs were found on the campus. The threat was reportedly phoned in. The incident is closed. The North Dakota State University campus, in the area of 12th Street N and 13th Avenue N, was evacuated due to a bomb threat. Officials have closed the North Dakota State incident and reopened the campus.

IACLEA deplores such acts, which cause massive disruption to the university community and interrupt the educational process. We encourage our members to take several measures to foster prevention and preparation. First, to the extent possible, increase patrol presence around religious facilities, especially during scheduled services. Re-examine stand-off distances and vehicular access to religious facilities. Encourage students, faculty and staff to See Something  Say Something, particularly with regard to suspicious persons, vehicles and packages. We also encourage our member agencies to review standard operating procedures regarding suspicious packages. Reach out to religious and faith-based organizations on campus and enlist their assistance in maintaining the safety of their gatherings.

Agencies may also obtain assistance with communicated threats from the FBI, state or local law enforcement. Each FBI field office has one or more Campus Liaison Agents and Communicated Threat Specialists to assist them.

It is unfortunate in our society that misguided individuals and groups see fit to disrupt the learning process. We must be vigilant against such threats and take actions to mitigate the impacts.

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