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IACLEA President to Join Sen. Feinstein for Assault Weapons Control Bill Introduction

WEST HARTFORD, CT (January 17, 2013) - The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) has been invited to join Senator Dianne Feinstein (California) during a press conference to mark her introduction of a comprehensive assault weapons control bill that would also require background checks for most gun sales and related transactions. IACLEA President Anne Glavin, Chief of Police and Director of Police Services at California State University-Northridge, will join Senator Feinstein during the press conference on January 24 in the U.S. Capitol.

The Feinstein bill seeks to limit the kinds of assault weapons available for sale, while protecting firearms used for hunting and personal protection. Further provisions of the proposed legislation would close the gun show purchase loophole, require background checks for almost all gun transactions and ban the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines. Feinstein led the effort for a similar ban in 1994, which successfully passed Congress, but which included language that provided the ban would expire after ten years.

"IACLEA has consistently supported reasonable efforts to both preserve legitimate rights under the Second Amendment, and to address the problems of high capacity firearms particularly in the hands of those who are not licensed or trained to handle them," said Chief Glavin.

"We've seen the statistics," Glavin continued, "and for our association we know the faces behind those numbers. Our members' police officers were first on the scene at mass murders at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University. We do not want to repeat the need to respond to these kinds of tragedies."

Chief Glavin was personally invited to join Senator Feinstein in recognition of the public safety and law enforcement responsibilities of college and university agencies responsible for the safety and security of more than 17 million students.

IACLEA is a professional association of campus public safety administrators and officers, representing 1200 institutions of higher education in the nation and 2,000 individual members.

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