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Guide for Prospective Authors

Editorial Objectives 

The goals of the Campus Law Enforcement Journal are: 

  • To act as the voice of the campus security/public safety/law enforcement community. 

  • To function as a forum for the IACLEA membership to discuss campus issues, learn about new ideas and trends, and to monitor legislation. 

  • To encourage a professional approach by providing a sense of leadership in the field of campus security/public safety/law enforcement. 

The Campus Law Enforcement Journal is published six times annually on a bimonthly basis by IACLEA, the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators and has a circulation of 2,000+ readers.


The Campus Law Enforcement Journal provides in-depth articles dealing with all aspects of campus security/public safety/law enforcement with a primary emphasis on the promotion of professional ideals and standards for law enforcement, security, and public safety to better serve institutions of higher education. The target audience of the Journal is IACLEA ,the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, whose membership is 65 percent full-time chief executives of campus security/public safety/law enforcement departments, 27 percent professional members (employees of member institutions) and the 8 percent senior members of municipal or state police agencies, chief executives of non-degree granting institutions, retired members, faculty or instructors of law enforcement and criminal justice programs and vendor members. In addition, the Journal has individual subscribers representing non-IACLEA members, libraries and other entities involved or associated with campus law enforcement .

IACLEA was formed in 1958 and includes members from colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada and 25 other countries. All members of IACLEA are automatic subscribers to the Journal. In addition to publishing the Campus Law Enforcement Journal, IACLEA sponsors the major annual conference and exhibition for campus security/public safety/law enforcement administrators as well as regional workshops and education programs. 

Editorial Process 

IACLEA actively solicits articles in the areas of campus security/public safety/law enforcement, parking, and campus news. Articles may be accepted, rejected, or returned to the author(s) for revision. The last category carries no guarantee of eventual acceptance; the author(s) may receive a letter from the editor raising questions to be answered and suggesting changes. All authors and co-authors of articles must submit a short (approximately ten lines) biographical sketch indicating their affiliation, position, experience, education, and special qualifications. Photographs are encouraged to accompany the articles. Each author will be provided three courtesy copies of the issue of the Journal in which their article is published. Additional copies may be purchased click here for order form

Article Format 

The length of the article depends on the topic and longer articles may be published in two parts. Articles must be emailed as a Word attachment to Whenever possible, articles should be accompanied by graphics such as black-and-white or color photos, charts, graphs, or drawings. Please include captions for all photos and graphics. When the article has footnotes, type them on a separate page, not in the body of the article. Appropriate headings and the location of any exhibits should be clearly indicated in the manuscript. 

Articles should be organized as follows: introduction, body, conclusion, acknowledgments, appendices, footnotes and references. Manuscripts should be carefully proofed for accuracy. Particular attention is required to names, dates, statistics, dollar amounts, and other terms that are difficult to edit by someone unfamiliar with the content. All articles will be professionally proof read prior to publishing. 

Prospective authors should review recent issues of the Journal to become familiar with the general approach to material and the style of published articles. Requests for a sample copy of the Journal, clarifications, or questions about format should be directed to Gwen Fitzgerald, Director of Communications, at 202-618-8277, or at

Submission Guidelines 

Completed manuscripts should be emailed to: 

Gwen Fitzgerald
Director of Communications, IACLEA


Campus Law Enforcement Journal
342 North Main Street 
West Hartford, CT 06117-2507