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2000 Administrative Excellence Award

2000 Administrative Excellence Award

Sergeant David Zambri of the University of Central Florida

The Award for Administrative Excellence is presented to an IACLEA member or employee of an IACLEA member campus public safety, police, or security department for outstanding service in areas such as policy and planning, investigations and/or crime prevention. New and innovative ideas, cost savings, enhanced administrative techniques, and management ideas are some of the elements that are considered for award selection. The 2000 IACLEA Award for Administrative Excellence was presented to Sergeant David Zambri of the University of Central Florida.

Sergeant David Zambri of the University of Central FloridaSergeant David Zambri of the University of Central Florida Police Department receives the 2000 Award for Administrative Excellence. Left to right: Felix Mira, Vice President of VingCard PERSONA; Teal Zambri; Sgt. David Zambri; and Dr. Nathan Johnson, Chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee.

In nominating Sgt. Zambri, Lt. Thomas L. Blanton wrote, "Sgt. Zambri has been instrumental in our department's effective use of technology and communications. It is important to note that Sgt. Zambri had accomplished the following in addition to his primary function of training. During the past year, Sgt. Zambri has developed an Intranet site that is used for posting department information, specifically training announcements, training schedules, and alphanumeric paging. This allows personnel the ability to access information and training announcements at home and in remote offices. Working with vendors and other departments in the State of Florida, he was instrumental in the preparation for the department to upgrade to an 800 MHz radio. Sgt. Zambri also was instrumental in the department's policy development. He has revised department policies to improve processes and attain accredited status from the Commission on Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation.

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