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2002 Award for Merit

2002 Award for Merit

Mr. Brendell Klaasen - University of Stellenbosch

Mr. Brendell Klaasen - University of StellenboschOn Friday May 2, 2001 a female jogger was assaulted and nearly raped while on a remote footpath. Mr. Klaasen, who was on duty during the weekend, kept himself informed by visiting the office and reading all the reports. On Saturday morning he saw a person who met the description of the suspect.

Mr. Klaasen confronted the suspect, questioned him and then apprehended him. Mr. Klaasen brought him to the Protection Services Control Room and the South Africa Police were called. The suspect was taken into custody by the responding police officer.

The suspect was found guilty on charges of assault and attempted rape. He was sentenced to 23 years in jail.

Mr. Klaasen’s positive attitude toward his work, his vigilance and quick action led to the solving of this case and the removal of a violent criminal from society.

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