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2004 Award for Merit

2004 Award for Merit

Officer Richard G. Dohme, University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Officer Richard G. Dohme

Officer Richard Dohme is a master of a variety of skills and continues to be an essential component within the patrol division of the University of Nevada – Las Vegas police department. He is without a doubt, a highly effective team player that strives to continuously make the UNLV Police Department a positive and more effective organization through his strong leadership abilities and positive problem-solving approach.

Officer Dohme can always be counted on to be the catalyst for change and a positive attribute when confronted with a problem. Officer Dohme can be characterized as a team member who exudes a "can-do" attitude, often times serving to motivate those around him. He constantly maintains a positive image for others to emulate. Moreover, Officer Dohme effortlessly displays sound leadership qualities and can be trusted to make competent decisions even under adverse or stressful conditions. His self-initiated drive has earned him the respect and admiration of those who surround him. As such, superior officers, supervisors, and managers have placed him in a position of trust and responsibility that exceeds that of an officer with commensurate experience – Officer Dohme has been a police officer for only five years.

Richard Dohme was hired by the UNLV Police Department in April of 1999 and quickly proved to his peers and supervisors that he was an exceptional police officer. On February 17, 2001 , he responded to a call for assistance from other officers working a special event on campus. Upon arrival, Officer Dohme began to quell a violent fistfight that had started between 6-8 subjects. Officer Dohme was quick to react to bystanders who told him that they saw a man standing several feet away pointing a handgun at other subjects. As soon as Officer Dohme attempted to make contact with the armed suspect, the man placed the handgun in his waistband and began to run from the area.

Officer Dohme pursued the subject several blocks and after briefly losing the suspect, Officer Dohme noticed a man matching the description of the armed suspect attempting to remove his jacket and hide it in some nearby bushes. Acting without hesitation, despite knowing that the suspect was armed and having no use of cover available, Officer Dohme identified himself and took the uncooperative suspect into custody at gunpoint. After the arrest, Officer Dohme was able to recover a black 9mm handgun from the suspect that the suspect had stolen earlier. This suspect – a several times convicted felon – was later convicted in Federal Court for Ex-Felon/Firearms related charges. For this incident, Officer Dohme was later awarded the UNLV Police Commendation Medal.

On May 6, 2002 , Officer Dohme was awarded the Police Exceptional Service Citation for exceptional service in implementing more effective positive changes to serve the UNLV community in a manner consistent with community oriented policing. Officer Dohme has successfully facilitated these changes by volunteering to serve as the Nevada Peace Officer Standards and Training Point of Contact. This responsibility ensures that each commissioned law enforcement officer in the department maintains the necessary training standards set forth and regulated by the State of Nevada , while complying with the community-policing model.

On April 29, 2003 , Officer Dohme was chosen as the UNLV Police Department’s Police Officer of the Year for 2002. Officer Dohme was chose for this highly prestigious award for his unwavering dedication and commitment to the overall mission and philosophy of the UNLV Police Department as demonstrated on a day-to-day basis. This award is based on a combination of several factors including: overall performance, work of specific projects, and actions of outstanding police work that have brought credit to the department.

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001 , the mission and face of law enforcement has changed dramatically to combat the severe threat of terrorism to the United States . Law Enforcement officers have had to train and prepare to be front line defenders in matters of homeland security during this war on terror. During the year of 2003, Officer Dohme has been actively involved with three other members of the department in researching, planning, writing, revising, and requesting Homeland Security grants for the purpose of training and equipping the department’s Police “First Responders” to respond safely and effectively to catastrophic Weapons of Mass Destruction incidents. These grants also cover enhanced security measures for university buildings and areas identified as potential targets for acts of terror. So far, Officer Dohme’s efforts have contributed in the Federal Government awarding $346,865.33 to the UNLV Police Department for homeland security and more awards are expected in the coming year. For these efforts, Officer Dohme and the other members of the committee were awarded the UNLV Police Meritorious Unit Citation on February 11, 2004.

His list of awards: the Police Meritorious Unit Citation, the Police Exceptional Service Citation, the Police Commendation Medal, and 2002 Police Officer of the Year for his previous achievements. In addition, Officer Dohme has literally “risen to the occasion” through a high degree of professionalism and his continuous community-oriented approach to providing police services to the UNLV community. Officer Dohme is a skillful communicator who fully understands and has internalized the role and relationship between the department and the community in which he serves. He is a people oriented person whose communication skills remain beyond reproach.

Officer Dohme's continued eagerness to assume additional challenges and responsibilities are illustrated by the list of duties that he currently assumes with little or no effort. Officer Dohme is currently assigned as a key member of the UNLV Police Department Honor Guard. He also serves as the Nevada P.O.S.T. Single Point of Contact, Range Master/Weapons Armorer, Field Training Officer, Special Projects Officer, Special Events Coordinator, and is a qualified P.O.S.T. Instructor. Moreover, Officer Dohme is also Acting Shift Sergeant in the Sergeant’s absence. He has served in the past as a nationally certified bicycle officer and as a plain-clothes officer on the UNLV Police Department’s Anti-Crime Unit.

Officer Dohme’s collaborative efforts also merit public recognition. He is a form committee member of the Division of Student Life Classified Committee and the Division of Student Life Training and Development Committee. He is also a current committee member of the UNLV Police Department IACLEA Accreditation Committee, and the UNLV Police Department Homeland Security Grant Committee.

In every sense of the word, Police Officer Richard Dohme is an ambassador of the UNLV Police Department and the Community Policing Model. His dedication to duty and mission of university/college law enforcement and public safety service is worthy of our organization's public recognition and award.

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