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2005 Administrative Excellence Award

2005 Administrative Excellence Award

Lt. Jim Russell, Florida State University

Lt. Jim Russell has worked for the Florida State University Police Department for 12 years. During this time he has accomplished the following:

  • He has lead the development and implementation of the first Citizens Academy at Florida State University.
  • He is the Chairperson of the Leon County Multi-Agency DUI Strike Force involving five local law enforcement agencies.
  • He created and completed the 2004 Florida Law Enforcement Challenge submission for Florida State University. Because of his efforts, the FSU Police Department took first place in both the Florida and the National (IACP) competitions winning a Buckle Up fully police equipped Ford Expedition, Speed Smart trailer, Speed lasers and radar equipment and portable battery operated lighting generator.
  • He secured the delivery of $59,000 in awarded traffic safety equipment plus the following items: 2 Donated Computers valued at $4,000; Crimestoppers training valued at $3,900; 2 radars value $4,000; Laser with a value of $3,000; Bike Helmets worth $1,000 and RAD donations of $500; and Promotional materials valued at $8,000.
  • His efforts have provided $94,940 savings in donations and awards to the Police Department.
  • In addition, he has coordinated the Statewide kick-off for Buckle Up Florida on the Florida State University Campus.
  • He managed the first University Credit Course to be taught at FSU for RAD.
  • He managed the implementation of the FSU Crime Prevention Curriculum as an official training course for employees.
  • He developed the CARS (Crash Avoidance Through The Reduction of Speed) program
  • Developed the IDAPT(Interactive DUI Awareness Program and Training) class for students
  • Recreated the FSU Seminole Safety Guide into an on-line new user friendly format.
  • He also saved the department $11,000 dollars by reformatting how it sends Clery notification to faculty, staff and students.
  • He has worked closely with FSU branch campuses to increase crime awareness and reporting at the Panama City, Sarasota and Turkey Point campuses.

Lt. Russell has represented his department well in developing new and innovative ideas, has saved it a significant amount of money in donations and awards and has proven himself a competent administrator and planner within the Police Department.

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