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2009 Award for Merit

2009 Award for Merit

Detectives Thomas Bacigalupi and Patricia Millan, George Mason University

Thomas Bacigalupi and Patricia MillanThe 2009 Award for Merit is presented to Detective Thomas Bacigalupi and Detective Patricia Millan of George Mason University. Detectives Bacigalupi and Millan created the Campus and University Police and Investigators Conference (CUPIC) that targets campus law enforcement for officers and agencies attending from all over the country and even from abroad. They spend the year contacting vendors and sponsors, developing and approving programs, contacting and arranging speakers, and arranging lodging while continuing to work in their regular capacity as detectives. Their work obtaining sponsors keeps the conference within many departments’ budget because it is free to the attendees.

Detectives Bacigalupi and Millan were nominated by Lieutenant Robert Mueck, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

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