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2010 Award for Administrative Excellence

2010 Award for Administrative Excellence

Jeff Karpovich, Director of Security, High Point University

Jeff Karpovich, Director of Security, High Point UniversityLess than two years ago Jeff accepted the job of totally revamping the security department at High Point University, in High Point, North Carolina. Since then, Jeff has reinvented the department and has built two additional departments (Transportation and Safety/Emergency Management). His creativity and innovation has catapulted the security functio from a lackluster, dumped-on department to one of the High Point University's most visible, effective and prestigious entities.

Many of Jeff's innovative efforts have been budget-neutral or cost-effective. He has re-branded and marketed the department and services at little to no cost. His contribution and the justification of this nomination include:

  • Developed a departmental moniker PROUD (Professional, Respectful, Outstanding, Understanding & Dedicated) that is prominently displayed on the Roll-Call/Conference room wall
  • Created SMART (Security Management Action Report and Tracking) log to keep the administration apprised of all the improvements
  • Re-branded the emergency call posts from "Blue Poles" to CARE (Campus Assistance and Response to Emergencies) Points to better define and promote the product and service
  • Added 17 strategically located CARE Points, now with two buttons and PTZs
  • Created a 24/7 dispatch operation and coined it SECOM (Security Communications)
  • Established a consequence for excessive parking ticket violators and dubbed it VIPER (Vehicle Immobilization Process of Enforcement & Recovery)
  • Conceived the notion and worked with IT to develop a home-grown, barcode method of online vehicle registration and a citation issuing process named the BEST (Barcode Enforced System of Ticketing) system
  • By creating an IDAVE (IndiVidual Data & Vehicle Enrollment) form, he was able to consolidate three forms into one
  • To better process the mounting, special transportation requests he created the STAR (Special Transportation Application/Request) form
  • In an effort to better identify the campus contractors, he developed the VIC (Vests Identify Contractors) program that requires contractors/vendors to wear brightly-colored, numbered vests
  • To improve and market emergency communications, he instituted the HPU E-Warn (Highly-Probable University Emergency Warning) System that includes siren/PAs and text messaging
  • To better protect the campus perimeter, he established StOP (Strategic Observation of Perimeter) Posts, whereby security park at default locations to best detect/deter uninvited guests
  • He enhanced officer accountability by developing the PLoT (Patrol Location Tracking) Report where officers use their prox cards as a "guard tour"
  • Better intradepartmental communication was established with the creation of InFO (Information for Field Operations) meetings, a monthly meeting of all field supervisors
  • Most recently, Jeff has embarked on an ambitious campus safeguarding effort he has marketed as SAFE PC (Security Applications For Effective Perimeter Control). This initiation includes access controlled, powered gates, a License Plate Recognition system, video analytics at strategic locations, and MOPs (Mobile Observations Posts)

His accomplishments are truly extraordinary. Staff morale is at an all-time high. Student, staff and faculty respect for officers is tremendous. The use of technology is cutting-edge and the revamped department shines with professionalism.

In conclusion, Jeff has demonstrated amazing leadership, initiative, innovation and involvement. He has accomplished more in the past year than many have in years. He is a great example of what can be achieved when one gives everything they have to a mission. As any award recipient should, he inspires other to greatness!

Jeff Karpovich was nominated by Dr. Robert Little, Chair of the Criminal Justice Department, High Point University.

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