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2011 Award for Merit

2011 Award for Merit

Officers David Coakley and Adam Koehler of the New York State University at Cortland Police Department

Officers David Coakley and Adam Koehler of the New York State University at Cortland Police DepartmentOn May 20, 2010, at about 3:30 p.m., Officers David Coakley and Adam Koehler were dispatched to an emergency call involving a 48-year-old male who was not breathing. At the time, the officers were on routine patrol, riding in the same vehicle. The caller had indicated that the stricken person was located near the main entrance to the athletic stadium. When the officers arrived at the main entrance, they were not able to locate the subject. After quickly assesssing the situation, they drove to the nearest parking lot and immediately found the stricken person near the lot's bus stop. Standing nearby were two females, the ill person's wife and their 18-year-old daughter. The officers learned that the male had a pre-existing heart condition and had a pacemaker. They were told that he had stopped breathing some time ago. (All three were visitors to the campus. Their daughter was interested in applying to Cortland for the Fall '10 semester. She was a high school lacrosse player. They had just finished watching a Cortland lacrosse game.) Upon examining the male, they determined that he had no pulse and was not breathing. Decisive action was taken by administering cardiopulmonary rescusitation. An ambulance had been dispatched and soon arrived for assistance. Both officers continued to provide CPR until the patient was positioned inside of the ambulance. It was not long before he started to show signs of movement, his pulse returned and he began attempting spontaneous respiratons. It is very likely that he would not have had as positive an outcome without the intervention of Officers Coakley and Koehler. Nomination submitted by Chief of Police Steven Dangler.

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