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2013 Award for Merit

2013 Award for Merit

Officers Jennifer Ockerman and Emily Smith of the University of Kentucky

Officers Jennifer Ockerman and Emily Smith of the University of KentuckyOn December 27, 2012, Officers Jennifer Ockerman and Emily Smith were on patrol when they observed an adult female pushing a 1-year-old female in a stroller. The weather conditions on this day in Lexington, Kentucky were cloudy and windy with a temperature of 31 degrees. The 1-year-old did not have on sufficient clothing, including no gloves, shoes, or face protection. Both officers decided to stop and approach the adult female to check on the well-being of the infant. It was determined that the 1-year-old had been exposed to below freezing temperatures for a long period of time. It was then learned that the adult female was the 1-year-old’s grandmother from Los Angeles, California.

The grandmother was very uncooperative in giving Officers the identity of the infant, and did not explain why they were in Lexington, Kentucky. Concerned for the health and safety of the 1-year-old, the officers notified the Cabinet of Children and Family Services. After further investigation and obtaining the infant’s name on a passport, Officers learned that the 1-year-old was reported missing out of Los Angeles, California by Los Angeles Police Department. There was also a Protective Custody Warrant out for the grandmother.

The grandmother was arrested by University of Kentucky Police Department for Custodial Interference (Felony) and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor (Misdemeanor). The 1-year-old was taken to the hospital for treatment and the Cabinet for Children and Family Services took custody. These Officers deserve recognition for the excellent service they provided to ensure the safety of the infant.

Nominated by: Joe Monroe, Chief of Police, University of Kentucky Police

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