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2014 Award for Innovations in Community Oriented Policing

2014 Award for Innovations in Community Oriented Policing

Trinity University Police Department in San Antonio, TX

Trinity University Police Department in San Antonio, TXThe Trinity University Police Department has worked vigorously to create a record of initiatives supporting the effective promotion of our “Community Relations Initiative.” In order to effectively implement our community oriented policing philosophy we met with the police department leadership, staff, and community stakeholders where we identified the following objectives: 1.) Educate police staff on the principles of community policing; 2.) Market the new and innovative police department to our community; and 3.) Implement programming to support the needs of the community through community interaction.

Objective Results

Objective 1.) The department held leadership development training sessions with its staff where a new mission and vision statement for the department was created. The department also adopted new key guiding values and a new motto, Proactive, Progressive, Professional. The momentum that these sessions created was tremendous.

Objective 2.) All members of the department participated in redesigning the department’s badge and police vehicle design. The department partnered with the school newspaper promoting the new vehicle design and our new found energy. The department now places ads in the school paper welcoming students to the University in the fall and spring semesters. The department has also partnered with the University TV station and has showcased our new 24hr Communications center as well as other crime prevention initiatives.

Objective 3.) The Trinity University Police Department’s self-directed work team known as the “Community Awareness and Resource Team” or CART, has proven effective in connecting with the Trinity University community. The team participates in events for future students and their parents where officers provide information that is crucial when deciding on which institution will provide a safe environment for them to live and thrive. The CART team is led by our Crime Prevention officer who acts as a liaison for the students, faculty, and staff in the promotion of our many programs.

Nominated by: Paul J. Chapa, Chief of Police, Trinity University Police Department

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