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2016 Award for Administrative Excellence

2016 Award for Administrative Excellence

Chief Karpovich

Chief Karpovich has worked tirelessly to transform the High Point University Security and Transportation department and since his arrival, he has gone from 12 security offices to now over 85 security officers with a total of 120 personnel. Chief Karpovich was credited with accomplishing this by using creativity and motivation even when facing a recession laden outlook for higher education. The transformation of his department and impact that it has had on the overall community was described as going from the basement to the Penthouse and was credited as a major contributing factor to the dramatic increase in student enrollment and improved perception of Campus Safety.

Numerous accolades, including being ranked in the top 25 best University Security Departments, are just examples of the strides that Chief Karpovich and his staff have made in bettering their department and the safety for their institution.

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