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2018 Award for Administrative Excellence

Assistant Chief Christopher Preuss, Virginia Commonworth University

The IACLEA Award for Administrative Excellence is presented to an employee of an IACLEA institutional member of a campus public safety, police, or security department for outstanding service in areas such as policy and planning, investigations, and/or crime prevention.  New and innovative ideas, cost savings, enhanced administrative techniques, and management ideas are some of the elements that are considered for award selection. 

The 2018 Award for Administrative Excellence was presented to Assistant Chief Christopher Preuss, Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department (VCUPD), Richmond.  Assistant Chief Preuss secured more than $2 million in grant funding from Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General to create a regional firearms training facility. After negotiating numerous approvals and some modification, he oversaw the creation of a five-lane, indoor handgun range in the basement of VCUPD’s new headquarters. With approximately $550,000 remaining, Preuss modified the proposal and sought Department of Justice approval to implement License Plate Reader (LPR) technology on campus.  He conducted all necessary research and quickly became a subject matter expert and project manager for the project. He mapped out eight stationary locations for the LPR technology and included three mobile LPR units.  The system became fully functional in March 2018.

Photo by ©Mike Ritter 2018

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