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2021 Director-At-Large

Director L. Angela Webb 

Angela Webb (L. A.) was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but grew up in Los Angeles, California. L. Angela Webb is a 1985 graduate of Morningside High School in Inglewood, CA. Immediately after graduation, she moved to Memphis.  L. Angela Webb’s professional career began in 1986 when the Memphis Police Departments employed her as a Police Service Technician.  After completing her training, she became a sworn police officer in 1989. 

While employed with the Memphis Police Department, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Psychology from Christian Brothers University, graduating with the honor of Magna Cum Laude (2001).  She continued her education at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  She graduated with honors and received her Masters of Science degree in Operations Management with a certification in Human Resource Administration (2004). During her tenure with the Memphis Police Department, L. Angela Webb received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Individual Administrative Award of Excellence from the mayor of the City of Memphis for her work on streamlining the police employment process.

Angela Webb worked diligently to increase her knowledge and experience with the Memphis Police Department, so she worked in uniform patrol, where she was a specially trained as a Crisis Intervention Officer and Field Training Officer. Throughout her career, she also worked in Community Oriented Police department, the Organized Crime Unit, the Special Traffic Investigation Bureau, the Felony Response Unit, the Robbery Bureau, the Homicide Bureau, and at the Memphis Police Training Academy as the Employment Coordinator and Training Instructor. L. Angela Webb retired from the Memphis Police Department in 2015, after providing almost twenty-nine years of service to the citizens of Memphis. She retired at the rank of Major in her last assignment as the evening shift commander of the North Main Station. 

Angela Webb is currently employed at Southwest TN Community College, where she serves as the first female Director of Police Services/Public Safety. She is responsible for campus safety and security for the two main campuses and the three satellite centers. She manages a small police force of forty-three sworn law enforcement officers, three dispatchers, and five campus safety technicians. L. Angela Webb received the Vice President’s Award for Excellence in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, L. Angela Webb led her department and college to earn the national award for Safety Planning and Leadership from the American Association of Community Colleges.

Angela Webb is very engaged in her community and has spent countless hours volunteering her time by serving as a mentor in varying capacities. She volunteered her time to the Young Ladies of Chastity, where she mentored teenage girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen. She mentored to our heroes in the We Are Not Alone Police Women’s Cancer Support Group.  She currently serves as a Southwest Mentors Advancing Retention, Teamwork, and Success Mentor (SMARTS), which provides a supportive relationship between students and staff at Southwest TN Community College.  She served as a member of the Juvenile Court’s Foster Care Review Board and as a committee member of the Juvenile Detention Assessment Initiative. 

Angela Webb is a 2013 graduate of the City of Memphis’ Emerging Leaders Program and is a 2017 graduate of the Leadership Memphis Fast Track program. In her spare time, if ever she has any, she enjoys traveling and high energy, adrenaline-filled activities.

Angela Webb is also a very dynamic member of the Memphis Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The chapter has 600 active members. She is held in high esteem, considered an exemplary, motivational leader, was awarded the 2017 Delta of The Year award and the 2017 Regional Alumnae Member of the Year award, for her hard work and dedication.  During the 2018-2020 biennium, L. Angela Webb served as the chapter’s Second Vice President in charge of membership services and retention.  In June of 2020, L. Angela Webb was elected to serve as the chapter’s First Vice President managing the chapter’s Program, Planning, and Development.

In 2018, L. Angela Webb established Webb Solutions Training and Consulting business. A highly dedicated and motivated training company with experience in training small and large groups across multiple diverse industries. She provides customized, cost-efficient, quality training designed to accelerate individual and organizational productivity.  Through innovative designing, developing, and delivering successful training programs, she will inspire, inform, and empower the members of your organization to reach their full potential.  Webb Solutions has the efficacy to promote your group through our proven track record of success. We are adept at organizing and facilitating management, leadership, team building, and law enforcement programs, training sessions, and activities.

Angela Webb (L. A.) lives by the tenets that sharing knowledge is powerful and therefore, she encourages, facilitates, and extends learning as an experience.  

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