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2022 Director-International Candidate – Terry Branch

Terry Branch, Imperial College, London (Incumbent):

Terry Branch joined the security team at Imperial College London, part of Facilities and Property Management (Support Services), in 2001 and was appointed Head of Security in 2008 where he manages a multi-faceted team of approx. 136 officers covering 8 large and diverse campuses. Terry is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a secure, safe environment for students, staff and visitors throughout the College campuses. His remit includes the provision professional Security, Post and Car Parking services. Alongside this, Terry has developed core skills relating to the preparation and control of multiple large budgets and has a proven track record of delivering quality and value for money security services in the HE environment.

Terry is currently taking the lead on developing a training program for “first responders on scene” to ensure that Imperial College security staff and emergency wardens are trained to respond to catastrophic bleeding and trauma in light of recent terrorist attacks across the UK and continental Europe. He hopes to roll out this innovative program across other HE institutions and local businesses as a mark of best practice. With a keen appreciation of different needs across different student groups, Terry has also helped develop and set up an application to assist Chinese students when they come to the UK to study which will send out security alerts, have a 24-hour Mandarin hotline and offer legal, medical and security advice to users.

Terry has been an active member of AUCSO since 2007. He is the current London Regional Chair and the lead for AUCSO on Domestic Extremism and Counter Terrorism. He is also the sector lead for Higher Education for the CSSC (Cross sector safety and security communications). Terry also played a key role in the development and publication of the AUCSO emergency management project.

Terry is the founder of the South Kensington Business Resilience Forum, collective that brings together local businesses and neighbours including the Science Museum, Natural history Museum, the V&A and the Royal Albert Hall, who are all active members.

Terry’s university career was preceded by 10 years in construction management and 14 years of service in the Royal Marines which included four operational tours in Northern Ireland.

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