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Board of Director Roles, Responsibilities & Eligibility

Board of Director Roles, Responsibilities & Eligibility

Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities

If you are interested in joining the IACLEA board of directors, please click on the image below for a detailed overview of the nominations and elections process for IACLEA officers and directors. 

The IACLEA Board of Directors is the elected governing body of the Association and shall have supervision, control, and direction of the affairs of the Association, its committees, and publications. The Board of Directors consists of the four officers (President, President-Elect, Vice President for Finance, and Immediate Past-President), eight Regional Directors, three Directors-at-Large, and the Executive Director, who serves as an ex-officio member.

President: The President serves as the chief elected officer of the Association, representing the entire membership. He or she directs other officers and presides as chair overboard actions.

President-Elect: The President-Elect assumes the responsibilities of the chief elected officer in his or her absence. Assists the chief elected officer in carrying out the functions of that office and performs specific duties delegated by the chief elected officer.

Vice President for Finance: The Vice President for Finance ensures the integrity of the fiscal affairs of the Association. Serves on the Board of Directors and Chairs the Finance Committee.

Regional Director: The Regional Director represents regional membership concerns, issues, and views related to the present and future direction of the Association. Supports Board decisions to regional members.

Director-at-Large: The Director-at-Large shall represent the entire membership at Board of Director meetings and oversee Membership Development and Retention efforts on behalf of the Association. Directors-at-Large shall serve for a term of three years.


Who Qualifies to Run for a Board Position?

President-Elect: To be eligible for the President-Elect position, the candidate nominated must have completed or will be completing two years of service on the Board of Directors. The President-Elect shall succeed to the office of the President upon the completion of the President’s term of office. 

Vice President for Finance: Any institutional Representative shall be eligible to be nominated and elected as Vice President for Finance provided that the person nominated has been an Institutional Representative of the Association for a minimum of four years.

Regional Director: Candidates for the position of Regional Director shall be Institutional Representatives in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years before being elected. Regional Directors who change their place of employment to another institution outside of the region from which they were elected will no longer be eligible to serve as the Regional Director. However, such Regional Directors shall not lose tenure as a Board member as it relates to eligibility for time served on the Board to qualify for officer positions in the Association.

Director-at-Large: Candidates for the position of Director-at-Large shall be Institutional Representatives in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years before being elected. Directors-at-Large who change their place of employment to another institution, which is or becomes an Institutional Member of the Association, will not lose eligibility or tenure as a member in good standing as it relates to their Director-at-Large position.


Explanation of IACLEA Officer Election Process

  1. Each candidate must meet the qualifications as outlined in Article VI, Section 2 of IACLEA’s bylaws (outlined above)
  2. Any Institutional Representative may nominate an eligible candidate.
  3. All eligible candidates nominated shall be contacted to confirm their interest and must submit a letter of institutional support to be placed on the ballot along with the candidates recommended by the Leadership Development Committee.
  4. The Leadership Development Committee shall then conduct an election by electronic ballot. Each Institutional Representative and Professional Member shall have one vote to cast for each officer position to be filled. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected.
  5. In the event of a tie vote, a run-off election will be held for that office. The results of the election shall be announced no later than the next Annual Business Meeting.
  6. No member of the Leadership Development Committee shall be eligible to be slated as a candidate for office while a member of the Committee. Any member of the Committee interested in nomination to an office must resign from the Committee before the commencement of nominations. This provision shall not apply to a member interested in nomination to a Regional Director Position.


Explanation of IACLEA Director-at-Large and Regional Director Election Process

Director-at-Large: Directors-at-Large must be nominated and elected following the procedure outlined above. The newly elected Directors-at-Large shall take office at the conclusion of the Annual Conference.  

Regional Director: Regional Directors must be elected from within their respective regions and shall be from an institution within the region. The Leadership Development Committee will determine the eligibility of candidates, the deadlines for announcing a member’s candidacy, and the timing for voting. Elections shall be completed at least thirty (30) days prior to the Association’s Annual Conference and the newly elected Regional Directors shall take office at the conclusion of the Annual Conference.

Member Resources

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