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Accreditation Application and Fees

Accreditation Application and Fees

A non-binding, on-line application initiates the accreditation process and provides the agency with the IACLEA Accreditation Process Manual and other materials, including an agreement between IACLEA and the agency.  

Upon signing an agreement to become a candidate for Accreditation, all agencies are assessed the $3,000 annual fee. The annual fee for IACLEA Accreditation encompasses all program costs, including the on-site assessment and is based on the institution’s full-time equivalent (FTE) student enrollment.   

After the first year, the annual fee is based on the institution's size.

  • Enrollment (FTE) under 10,000: $3,000 first year, $2,500 per year thereafter
  • Enrollment (FTE) 10,000 or greater: $3,000 per year

The institution’s full-time equivalent enrollment as reported in the most recent calculation of the U.S. Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).  Institutions outside of the United States should calculate their full-time equivalents as the sum of their full-time fall enrollment plus 1/3 of their part-time enrollment.

Non-members will be assessed an additional $1,500.

For questions or clarification contact, IACLEA Director of Professional Services Jerry Murphy at or  (202) 618-4545.


IACLEA thanks our friends at Corporate Partner D. Stafford & Associates for their generous sponsorship of IACLEA Accreditation.


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