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Accreditation Commission

Accreditation Commission

Best Practices

For agencies that aspire to excellence, the IACLEA Accreditation standards demand that agencies follow best practices in operations, training, administration, and human resources.

“Accreditation has helped our agency identify and plan for facility and equipment enhancements. The enhancements improve our professionalism and effectiveness.” -Chief Sam Garrison, Texas Woman’s University

The IACLEA Accreditation Commission is the Association’s governing body for the IACLEA Accreditation Program. As such, it is empowered by the Board of Directors to develop, revise, and interpret accreditation standards and procedures. It also holds the authority to grant or deny IACLEA Accreditation to agencies, based upon their compliance with applicable standards.

The Commission consists of 12 voluntary members, nine of whom are IACLEA members appointed by the president and confirmed by the Board. Particular care is taken to ensure that the Commission membership is representative of the diversity of the Association. To the extent possible, efforts are made to include representatives of both two- and four-year institutions; sworn and non-sworn agencies; public and private institutions; and the six geographic regions within the United States, as well as Canada. Additional members are drawn from allied associations, including a business officer, appointed by the National Association of College and University Business Officers; a student affairs officer, appointed by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators; and a college president, appointed by the American Council on Education or from one of the other three college presidents' associations. The members of the Accreditation Commission serve five-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. 

Accreditation Commission Members:

Jessica Luedtke, Commission Chair (2015-2020)
Public Safety Manager
Medical College of Wisconsin
(414) 456-8295;

Traevena L. Byrd (2016-2021)
General Counsel
American University
(202) 885-3285;

Robert G. Cramer (2016-2021)
Vice President for Administration
University of Wisconsin System
(608) 262-4048;

Don Enloe (2015-2020)
Director of Campus Safety
University of Denver
(303) 871-2463;

Jim Nawoichyk (2018-2023)
Director of Campus Safety & Security
St. Thomas Aquinas College
(845) 398-4043; 

Michael Parks (2015-2020)
Chief of Police
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
(210) 567-2823;

Daniel Redmond (2017-2022)
Director of Campus Community Police Service
Western University
(519) 661-4010;

Jen Day Shaw, Ph.D. (2014-2019)
Senior Fellow, NASPA
NASPA Representative 

Cleveland Smith (2016-2021)
Deputy Director of Public Safety & Police
Anne Arundel Community College
(410) 777-1190;

Laura Wilson (2015-2020)
Chief of Police
Stanford University
(650) 723-9633;

Chris Wuchenich (2017-2022)
Chief of Police and Associate Vice-President for Law Enforcement and Safety
University of South Carolina
(803) 777-8300;

Kathy R. Zoner (2014-2019)
Chief of Police (retired)
Cornell University


For additional information, please contact IACLEA Director of Professional Services Jerry Murphy at or  (202) 618-4545, or Program Coordinator Connie Pair at or (202) 664-5168. 

IACLEA thanks our friends at Corporate Partner D. Stafford & Associates for their generous sponsorship of IACLEA Accreditation.


Photo Credit: Mike Ritter 

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