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Accreditation FAQs

Accreditation FAQs

What is IACLEA accreditation?
Accreditation of a campus public safety department by IACLEA constitutes recognition that the department conforms to the highest professional standards for campus law enforcement and protective services.

Who is eligible for IACLEA accreditation?
IACLEA offers accreditation services to college and university sworn law enforcement agencies and non-sworn security and public safety departments.

What are the standards for IACLEA accreditation?
The IACLEA Accreditation Standards Manual contains more than 210 standards organized into eighteen (18) chapters.  The view of the IACLEA Accreditation Commission is that these standards reflect the best professional requirements and practices for campus public safety agencies.  The standards provide a framework to develop a system of professional practices in a variety of administrative and operational areas, such as organization and administration, training and career development, patrol, crime prevention and investigation, evidence collection and management, and traffic operations.  While agencies are expected to comply with all applicable standards, these standards typically prescribe what a department should do. The standards do not dictate how a department should implement the standard. That is up to the department and its director or chief.

What are the main benefits of IACLEA accreditation?
IACLEA accreditation provides a professional benchmark with which to measure a campus public safety department's policies and practices.  Accreditation requires that procedures are documented and that personnel are given clear guidance.  It enhances the recruitment and retention of qualified personnel and ensures that staff is trained and functions according to established policies and procedures.  Accreditation assures the university administration, the community served, local law enforcement, and institutional peers of the quality of services provided by a campus law enforcement, public safety, or security department.

How much does it cost to attain IACLEA accreditation?
The annual fee for IACLEA accreditation is based on the institution's full time equivalent (FTE) student enrollment.  For schools with an enrollment of fewer than 10,000 students the fee $3,000 for the first year and $2,500 per year thereafter.  Institutions whose enrollment is 10,000 or greater pay an annual fee of $3,000.  Non-members will be assessed an additional $1,500.  The annual fee includes access to all required forms and materials, as well as the on-site evaluation by a team of assessors.  An application fee of $150 initiates the accreditation process and provides the agency with the IACLEA Accreditation Process Manual.  The fee is non refundable, unless a department or agency is ineligible to participate in the accreditation program.  The application fee will be applied to the accreditation fee if the contract is signed within six (6) months of the application's submission.

How should my department prepare for the accreditation process?
Agencies interested in accreditation are encouraged to review the IACLEA Accreditation Standards Manual, available on the website.  A familiarity with the scope and complexity of the standards will enable the agency to make an informed and reasoned decision about beginning the accreditation process.  If accreditation seems attainable under these standards, the department can submit an application.  Upon receipt of the application, IACLEA will send the department an Accreditation Agreement, an invoice, the Department Profile Questionnaire, and a copy of the IACLEA Accreditation Process Manual.  IACLEA recommends that the department appoint a full-time Accreditation Manager to be assigned to coordinate the department's efforts.

What does the department have to do to become accredited?
Once the agency signs the contract, it has 36 months to complete the self-assessment process. This includes a comprehensive review of its policies and procedures, the development of written directives, and the implementation of systems to comply with applicable standards.  Departments must prepare and maintain files containing documentation of its compliance with standards.  Once the department is satisfied that it has met the standards' requirements, it notifies IACLEA to schedule an onsite assessment.

How does the assessment process work?
IACLEA appoints a two-member assessment team to visit the campus and review the department's compliance with all applicable standards and to observe its operations.  Members of the assessment team are experienced campus law enforcement professionals or trained and certified assessors from related fields.  IACLEA carefully screens potential evaluators with input from the candidate department to assure the assessor has no real or apparent conflict-of-interest.  The assessor's relationship with the candidate department is non-adversarial.
The assessment generally consists of a tour of facilities, interviews with agency personnel and members of the campus community served, a compliance review of applicable standards, and receipt of public comment.  The assessor will review all standards and verify applicable standards as well as standards not applicable to the department.  Assessors will provide feedback to the department during the review.  The assessors will prepare a written report and submit it to IACLEA.

How is accreditation awarded?
IACLEA staff reviews the assessors' final report and sends a copy to the department.  Following a favorable report, staff will present the final report to the Compliance Review Plan of the IACLEA Accreditation Commission.  If the Compliance Review Panel is satisfied that the department has met all compliance criteria, the Compliance Review panel will conduct a vote to recommend the agency to the full Commission for a final vote.  The Commission shall review the Compliance Review Panel's recommendation and conduct a vote to award Accreditation.  IACLEA Accreditation is awarded for a four-year period and is awarded upon the Commission's action.  Formal recognition of all agencies accredited or reaccredited during the year occurs at the IACLEA Annual Conference.  The department is required to submit annual reports attesting to its continuing compliance with standards.

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