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Accreditation Process

Accreditation Process

Risk Management

The standards establish that agencies follow accepted policies and practices that minimize risk and liability and strengthen an institution’s defense against complaints and lawsuits.

“The Accreditation program ensures that we, as a non-sworn agency, have the same policies and practices as sworn agencies that help us manage and reduce risk to our agency and the institution.” -Director of Campus Safety and Security James C. Nawoichyk, St. Thomas Aquinas College, New York 

The Accreditation process consists of five steps:

Candidacy. The agency submits an application and receives detailed information about Accreditation; the agency’s chief executive signs an agreement to become a candidate agency. At that point, the agency designates an accreditation manager who works with IACLEA staff to determine the standards applicable to the agency’s function.

Self-Assessment. The agency compares its policies and programs against the IACLEA standards, making adjustments to existing policies or developing new ones. Agency personnel then compile proofs of compliance—policies, records, reports, etc.—demonstrating compliance with standards. Once the agency is satisfied that it has met the standards' requirements, it notifies IACLEA to schedule an on-site assessment. The self-assessment is the longest phase and can take up to 36 months.

Officers and personnel with IACLEA Accredited agency University of Colorado Denver-Anschutz Medical Campus are all smiles after their successful onsite assessment by an IACLEA team of experts.On-site Assessment. Two campus public safety professionals, carefully selected and trained by the Commission, visit the campus to conduct a review of agency compliance with standards. The assessment generally consists of a tour of facilities, interviews with agency personnel and members of the campus community, a compliance review of applicable standards, and receipt of public comment.  Assessors provide feedback to the agency during the review.  The assessors submit a written report to IACLEA.

Commission Review and Award. A Compliance Committee reviews the assessment team’s report, and then sends it to the full Commission for a vote. IACLEA Accreditation is awarded for a four-year period.  Formal recognition of all agencies accredited or reaccredited during the year occurs at the IACLEA Annual Conference & Exposition.

Maintain Compliance. The agency continues to measure performance against the standards, submitting annual reports demonstrating compliance.

Throughout the process, the Commission, staff, and other IACLEA members provide guidance and technical assistance to help agencies identify and overcome challenges to accreditation.

For questions or clarification, please contact IACLEA Director of Professional Services Jerry Murphy at or  (202) 618-4545.


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