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Accreditation Standards

Accreditation Standards

The standards of the IACLEA accreditation program are intended to reflect the best professional practices for campus public safety agencies. A volunteer group, consisting of IACLEA members from both sworn and non-sworn agencies, drafted, reviewed and revised the guidelines that form the foundation of IACLEA’s accreditation program. The standards were then made available to the Association membership for review and comment. A number of thoughtful and cogent recommendations were incorporated in the final version before the IACLEA Accreditation Commission adopted the Standards Manual.

IACLEA Accreditation Standards Manual


Standard Interpretation Notices may be issued in order to help to clarify the intent of the standards, ensure the consistent and uniform application of the standards, and provide continuing guidance to agencies.


Standard Change Notices will be issued when standards are revised, added and/or deleted. The notices will show the modifications to the standards as they are adopted in the revised Standards Manual.


Change Notice 1.4 - Issued August 2016

Change Notice 1.3 - Issued August 2015

Change Notice 1.2 - Issued August 2014

Change Notice 1.1 - Issued November 2013


The standards and the accreditation process are constantly under review and evaluation.  Each agency’s self-assessment and formal evaluation by Commission assessors brings the potential for change.   Members are encouraged to submit proposals for a revision to an existing standard or to recommend a new one using the "Standard Revision Request." Submissions will be directed to the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) for review and consideration.  If approved, the proposed changes will be forwarded to the full Commission for adoption. 

A "Standards Crosswalk" is available to identify equivalent standards in CALEA’s 5th Edition Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies.

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