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Administrative Excellence Award

Administrative Excellence Award

Apply here — The 2019 nominating period is closed. Check back soon to nominate colleagues for 2020. 

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Requirements: This award will be presented to an employee of an IACLEA institutional member campus public safety, police, or security department for outstanding service in areas such as policy and planning, investigations and/or crime prevention. New and innovative ideas, cost savings, enhanced administrative techniques, and management ideas are some of the elements that will be considered for award selection.

Award for Administrative Excellence winner receives a commemorative gift and will be recognized at the Annual Conference. Winner’s photograph and details of his/her award will be published in the July/August Campus Law Enforcement Journal and posted on the IACLEA Web site. IACLEA pays hotel and transportation expenses for two nights for one person to attend the Opening Ceremonies at the Annual Conference for the Award for Administrative Excellence winner.

If you have questions about this award and/or eligibility, please contact Refer to the Annual Awards page for application and notification deadlines.

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