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Administrative Excellence Award Winner

Administrative Excellence Award Winner

The Award for Administrative Excellence is presented to an IACLEA member or employee of an IACLEA member campus public safety, police, or security department for outstanding service in areas such as policy and planning, investigations and/or crime prevention. New and innovative ideas, cost savings, enhanced administrative techniques, and management ideas are some of the elements that are considered for award selection.

2017 Award Recipient

Director Patricia Patton

Director Patricia Patton
University of Regina

Past Award Recipients:

2016 - Chief Karpovich, High Point University

2015 - Chief Wayne Wilcox, Armstrong State University

2014 - Roger Stearns

2013 - Chief William Adcox, University of Texas Police at Houston

2012 - Corporal Matthew Stern, University of California Santa Barbara

2011- Chief Paul J. Chapa. Trinity University Police Department, San Antonio, Texas

2010 - Jeff Karpovich, Director of Security, High Point University

2009 - Chief August Washington, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2008 - Chief James T. Overton, Delaware State University

2007 - Lieut. Dustin Olson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2006 - Officer Sharon Evans, University of Scranton

2005 - Lt. Jim Russell, Florida State University

2004 - Lt. Kevin R. Higgins, Central Washington University

2003 - Detective Sergeant Dave Sumner, University of South Alabama

2002 - Colleen A. Greninger, The George Washington University Police Department

2001 - Officer Dan A. Larson, Purdue University

2000 - Sergeant David Zambri, University of Central Florida

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