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A key component of the accreditation process is the objective and impartial review of the candidate agency’s compliance with applicable standards.  IACLEA utilizes trained and experienced campus public safety professionals to conduct these evaluations.  Assessors are the on-site representatives of the IACLEA Accreditation Commission to the agency seeking accreditation, to the employees of the agency, and to the campus community served by the agency. 

Assessors are expected to follow the policy and procedures promulgated by the IACLEA Accreditation Commission throughout the period of the on-site evaluation.  Accordingly, the assessor-agency relationship must be professional, with assessors fostering a non-adversarial climate at all times.  The assessors will review all standards and verify that the agency is in compliance with those that are applicable.  At the conclusion of the on-site assessment, the assessors will prepare a written report for submission to the Commission.

In order to be selected as an assessor, an assessor application, with the employing CEO's endorsement, must be on file with the IACLEA Accreditation Commission.  Applications must be accompanied by a current resume.  Assessors are responsible for notifying IACLEA whenever their status changes.  Ranks, titles, and contact information should be up-dated as soon as possible.

The number of assessors assigned to each on-site assessment will vary according to the size and needs of the agency.  Individuals who accept an assessor assignment must give a firm commitment for the on-site dates.  The Commission staff will provide assessor names to the candidate agency.  If any conflicts exist between the assessors and the agency, the conflict may be verified and an alternate assessor selected.


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