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IACLEA Corporate Partners Form Exciting New Partnership!

Minneapolis, MN and Rehoboth Beach, DE  (April, 2015) -  360° Stay Safe and D. Stafford and Associates (DSA) on Friday announced a strategic partnership to help higher education institutions across the country get better access to compliance training for students and employees. DSA will lend its expertise to 360° Stay Safe to ensure that schools programs are compliant with all of the new primary prevention and on-going awareness education program requirements put in place through the Violence Against Women Act. As news of campus-related crimes and sexual assault allegations mount across the United States, colleges and universities are working to build safer campus communities. In order to support and enforce the Violence Against Women Act provisions of the Clery Act, the White House has recently launched the Not Alone initiative and created the Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. As a result of these initiatives and others, campuses nationwide are seeking to find ways to come into compliance as well as to better equip students with tools and information to promote personal safety. Enter 360° Stay Safe and DSA  Two companies with extensive backgrounds in developing and delivering affordable and easy-to-implement research-based training products and services for colleges and universities that promote compliance as well as safe and healthy campus communities. Dolores Stafford and her team have helped hundreds of higher education institutions comply with the Clery Act and build safer campus communities. Together, 360 Stay Safe and D. Stafford and Associates will provide colleges and universities with the most complete compliance training expertise available, said 360s CEO Rodnie Williams. Dolores Stafford, CEO of DSA said, We are thrilled to be working with 360° Stay Safe to continue to enhance their programs geared toward students and employees at colleges and universities across the U.S. We were intrigued by the high quality of the educational programs they have developed and look forward to ensuring that their current and future customers can use the suite of programs to come into compliance with the complex training requirements that were put in place by VAWA. IACLEA is an association that advances campus public safety for its more than 1,000 educational institution members and 1,800 individual members by providing educational resources, advocacy, and professional development services. The Corporate Partnership Program supports the implementation of IACLEA's strategic initiatives, furthers its educational mission, and enhances the ability of campus public safety agencies to protect institutions of higher education. In January 2015, D. Stafford and Associates renewed its IACLEA Corporate Partnership for a three-year term, valid through December 2017. 360° Stay Safe is currently in the second year of its three-year Corporate Partnership, which will run through February 2017. IACLEA commends its partners on this collaborative initiative, which seeks to enhance the safety and security of college and university campuses. For more information on IACLEA, visit the website at or email:
About D. Stafford and Associates D. Stafford & Associates (DSA) is led by Dolores Stafford, President and CEO and has been serving client institutions since 1997. Dolores is a nationally recognized expert in the Clery Act and Title IX. DSA is a premier consulting firm focusing on campus security and safety related issues in both the law enforcement and public safety industries for the last 18 years. Stafford served as a university campus police chief for 20 of her 26 years in the industry and she developed the Clery Act Compliance Training Academy and other programs to assist institutions in coming into and maintaining compliance with federal laws aimed to better protect and alert campus populations to an imminent threat or catastrophic event. For additional information about these services, please go to our website or contact Dolores Stafford at 302-344-5809 or at

About 360° Stay Safe
360° Stay Safe provides holistic and community-based prevention/awareness training for college students and employees. The companys training programs are being used across North America, Canada, and the Caribbean to equip students with relevant, practical, and effective skills for building safe and healthy campus communities. Stay Safe aims to be part of the solution for promoting safe and healthy campus communities by delivering customizable and comprehensive products and services that provide life skills for students and employees at colleges and universities North America. The companys vision is simple  to make the world a safer place. To learn more about 360° Stay Safe, visit or call 877-629-475 or email

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To learn more about D. Stafford and Associates, contact Dolores Stafford at 302-344-5809 or at To learn more about 360° Stay Safe, visit or call 877-629-475 or email

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