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2017 IACLEA President’s Award to Sue Riseling

Then-President Randy Burba said the following about awarding Executive Director Sue Riseling the 2017 President's Award:

It's been an incredible year for IACLEA. And with the seeds that have been planted, I know the next few will be even better for the vibrancy of our Association.

That is in large measure due to the sheer force of will of our Executive Director Sue Riseling. Sue brings strategic capabilities, analytic prowess, and problem-solving skills to every situation. She brings motivational mojo to every task to mobilize those around her. She brings virtually unparalleled law enforcement skills and knowledge. And through it all she brings a sense of humor, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

When the Board made the significant decision to end a long-term business arrangement and rebuild IACLEA' entire infrastructure in a few months, we could not entrust that Herculean task to just anyone. We only had the confidence to do so because we knew very well what kind of leader it would take to drive the change. And we were confident we had such a leader.

Sue is focused on one thing: making IACLEA the best Association it can be for you, its members, and for the profession we love.

During my year as Association president, Sue and I worked closely...over late-night phone calls, long days in hotel conference rooms, and long planes-trains-and-automobile trips. I count my lucky stars that you and I were a team for this time. And I will have your back as you go....Always Forward for IACLEA.


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