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NEW! First-Line Supervisor Institute

IACLEA is excited to announce the launch of the First-Line Supervisor Institute, part of IACLEA’s Leadership Series. The Institute will be modeled on IACLEA’s well-regarded Executive Development Institute (EDI) and prepared for current and aspiring first-line supervisors. IACLEA offers the only Institute for first-line public safety and law enforcement supervisors working on college and university campuses.

A team of experts is currently developing the curriculum for the 3½ day course, which will be organized around three overarching concepts: know yourself, know your staff, and know your assignment. The curriculum will cover the following topic areas:

  • leadership styles
  • transitioning from officer to supervisor
  • personality assessment
  • performance management
  • impact of first-line supervision on morale
  • implicit bias
  • de-escalation, and
  • managing critical incidents.

The Institute is developed for senior officers, mid-level supervisors, corporals, and sergeants. It is a useful course for individuals recently promoted to those positions and a valuable preparatory course for those seeking to advance to supervisory roles.

First-line supervisors are the backbone of every agency and critical players in achieving the agency’s mission. Boosting the leadership confidence and capability of first-line supervisors will bolster the entire department.

“The campus law enforcement/public safety community continues to professionalize itself with this targeted, specific training aimed at one of the most critical positions within an organization: the front-line supervisor,” said Chapman University Chief of Public Safety Randy Burba, an IACLEA past president. “This course fills a much-needed gap by providing material specific to campus environments that will strongly enhance any training received from or required by your state or local commission for law enforcement supervisor training.  IACLEA has, once again, identified both an opportunity and a gap—and filled it.”

IACLEA is pleased that the University of Maryland – College Park has agreed to host the first Institute, which will take place January 8–11, 2019. The introductory cost is $749, and the class is only open to IACLEA members/member institutions. Registration will open this fall so keep your eye on for more information. Contact IACLEA Director of Training Josh Bronson at if you have questions. We look forward to seeing you there!


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