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Invest in Future Leaders: Executive Development Institute 2019

By Michael Newton, Ph.D., assistant vice president/chief of police, Iowa State University, Department of Public Safety

What are you doing to educate and develop the leaders within your organization? Are you looking for leadership development training geared toward our campus law enforcement profession? Then look no further than the IACLEA Executive Development Institute (EDI). 

 As I looked for leadership development opportunities for the team at Iowa State, EDI was one of the programs that quickly jumped out as a great option. When I arrived at Iowa State in 2017, I found that many of the department leaders had not attended any leadership development training outside the state. They had not had the chance to network with others facing many of the same challenges that we all face in higher education public safety.  

In 2018, I sent one staff member through EDI.  While I already knew the value of EDI, I knew it would be important to have someone else gain the knowledge and receive the inspiration firsthand. When the staff member returned, he told me he wished he had gone through a program like this years ago. He was able to see how the issues we face at Iowa State are not unique to our environment. The staff member also raved about the networking opportunities and the lasting bonds he made with fellow members of the EDI class.

If you want to build your leaders, EDI is an opportunity to do just that. At Iowa State, we are committed to building our leadership team, and EDI is one of the ways we do that into the future.  

Executive Development Institute

February 25–28, 2019

Florida State University

Registration is open, with an early-bird discount extended through January 25, 2019. The class is intentionally kept small to facilitate networking and participation from all attendees.

Registration info and course overview are available here. Please register today.

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