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IACLEA Pleased to Work with Uber to Increase Public Safety

Like millions of others, IACLEA was disheartened to learn of the cruel murder of University of South Carolina (USC) student Samantha Josephson who mistakenly entered the vehicle of a fake rideshare driver. IACLEA’s more than 4,000 members work proactively and tirelessly to prevent crime and promote public safety. We are troubled when our students are victimized in any way.

Therefore, the Association is especially appreciative of the opportunity to expand its collaboration with Uber to promote safe ridesharing at IACLEA member institutions campuses and beyond.

On April 18, IACLEA Southeast Region Director Jack Moorman, chief of police at North Carolina State University, joined Uber officials, USC administrators and student body leaders, and other law enforcement officials at an event to announce the Campus Safety Initiative, a series of safety campaigns and measures to increase safety for patrons of ridesharing services. 

Uber and IACLEA have worked together since 2018 to enhance safety on college and university campuses. Today, Uber announced an expansion of the collaboration to publicize safe ridesharing practices, especially Uber’s Check Your Ride steps.

“IACLEA welcomes the opportunity to continue to work with Uber to deliver public safety messages to students, faculty, employees, and others in our campus communities,” said Moorman.

“Samantha’s tragic death will be a catalyst for intensive efforts to ensure increased safety for those who choose rideshare options. Campus public safety agencies conduct extensive community policing and student training initiatives; increasing education about safe ridesharing practices will be a vital component of those efforts.”

Uber will exhibit at IACLEA’s 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition in Vancouver, Canada, June 25–28, 2019. Conference delegates can discuss campus safety initiatives with company officials directly.


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