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National Police Week: Message from President Paul Ominsky

My Fellow IACLEA Members:

During National Police Week 2019, officers, families, survivors of the fallen, dignitaries, and community members will pay tribute to the brave men and women who gave their lives in service to their communities. It is a somber time, infused with moments of joy, as we remember friends, family members, and colleagues whom we have lost.

IACLEA will join this national event in multiple ways. Director of Government and External Relations Altmann Pannell will represent the Association at several events in Washington, DC, including receptions hosted by the Attorney General, the FBI, CPB, and DHS. He also will attend the beautiful Candlelight Vigil, sponsored by National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (NLEOM).

Additionally, to honor the 47 fallen campus public safety officers (1923–present), IACLEA has produced a powerful video. It contains footage from an IACLEA service at the memorial that honored and thanked the fallen officers. The honor guard from member institution University of Maryland Department of Public Safety added pageantry to the ceremony. Several officers who were slain in the past ten years are depicted in the video and there is a roster of all 47 officers. We thank our friends at AppArmor who sponsored the production of this memorial video. I hope that you will share it with your officers and on your campus, as appropriate.

Police Week is a somber reminder of the dangers that public safety officers face every day and an opportune time to thank each and every member of your agencies for their unselfish commitment to the safety of others. Any duty that campus public safety officers undertake can involve danger—conducting a student welfare check, patrolling on a “routine” shift, or answering the emergency call to a violent crime. Our officers’ commitment to service drives them to respond with certainty and speed. On this our communities must and do depend.

Today and every day, I extend my appreciation for the professionalism, dedication, and bravery that you and your agency personnel exhibit. May you conduct your vital duties in safety and with the gratitude of many at your back.


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