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President’s Message: Excitement for the Year Ahead

A Message from IACLEA President John Vinson

Newly sworn-in IACLEA President John Vinson, PhD, delivered these remarks to the assembled members June 28 during the Annual Business Meeting at the Annual Conference & Exposition in Vancouver, Canada.


 Dear IACLEA members, 

I want to thank my family, my institution, and all of you in this great Association.  Many of you have mentored me, provided me with advice, and, more importantly, supported me, which ultimately, is the reason why I am in this position today. 

I stand before you a humbled man, following in the footsteps of so many leaders who have carried the awesome responsibility of leading such a great members-driven Association. 

Our recent successes could not have been accomplished without your leadership, your vision, and your hard work over the years. Your efforts have made IACLEA what it is today.  Thank you to all past presidents, board members, committee members, and all of the great leaders who have served this Association. 

As I reflect on the successes of our Association it’s apparent that IACLEA makes a difference.  As Dr. Seuss penned, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

For 61 years, IACLEA has steered the direction of our campus public safety profession, and now serves more than 4,200 members, representing more than 1,000 institutions in 11 countries across the globe.

The challenges facing campus public safety professionals continue to become more complex and difficult.  IACLEA has had an increasingly important role on issues affecting all of our campuses; awareness of the sexual assault epidemic, mental health, substance abuse, health and wellness, acts of protests, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and other threats that are more real today than ever before all of which need to be addressed. 

 IACLEA is on the cutting edge—using the vast knowledge base within our international Association to develop best practices, educate our students and campus communities, and advise our administrators regarding the constant challenges we face. 

IACLEA makes a difference.

Today, we are stronger than ever. Under the outstanding leadership of Executive Director Sue Riseling, Immediate Past President Paul Ominsky, and a very dedicated Board of Directors, IACLEA is positioned for an even greater future. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the outstanding work of the entire IACLEA staff: Altmann, Cassandra, Deana, Elizabeth, Gwen, Jerry, Josh, Maddie, and O’Neil. 

The next few months will be extremely exciting as we recruit and select the next outstanding executive director.  Our goal is to select an individual who can work with all of us to ensure we are still meeting the complex needs of our campus public safety professionals and we have big shoes to fill. 

Another goal for this year is to grow the IACLEA membership, with special attention to increasing our international and non-sworn agencies. 

We will expand our national and international reach guided by strategic thinking and data-informed decision-making.  Our global center will ensure IACLEA is advancing best practices, supported by research.  Perhaps a formal research committee might be necessary to help inform our campus public safety research agenda. 

While increasing our membership, we must ensure we remain responsive to existing members’ needs and concerns.  To that end, we will hold six to eight member listening sessions in late July and August to obtain additional feedback.  Your input will be critical as we continue our strategic direction forward. 

Lastly, we must develop the next generation of leaders through more formal programs.  We hope to introduce a mentoring program, designed for aspiring CEOs.  Mentees will be matched one-on-one with experienced, senior-level CEOs who will serve as mentors.  

Again, I am honored and humbled to serve you as president of IACLEA and excited about this upcoming year. 

Together, Board and Officers and all of you, we will continue to guide the Association so that IACLEA remains in the forefront and serves as the “leading authority for campus public safety.”

Merci! Thank you. 




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