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IACLEA Offers Training Tailored to Your Agency’s Needs

IACLEA Director of Training Josh Bronson leads the section of the course on coercive behavior offenders use. Bronson’s co-facilitator was Katie O’Mailey, LCSW-C, RYT; she is currently a trauma therapist in University of Maryland’s CARE Office.IACLEA’s Training on Request program continues to gather momentum as more and more campuses take advantage of the opportunity to train their department personnel at a lower rate than traditional training, while maintaining excellent quality. In October, two campuses hosted IACLEA’s Sexual Assault on Campus: A Trauma Informed Response course and each had an opportunity to design the class around their needs.

IACLEA ran two daylong classes at Wilkes University (Wilkes-Barre) and one daylong class at Marywood University (Scranton), both in Pennsylvania. Each agency involved more than their police/public safety personnel and invited Title IX staff, housing, counselors, and more. This expanded audience created an opportunity for information sharing between departments and working collaboratively to address sexual assault on campus.

While Wilkes has a sworn police department on campus, Marywood does not. This diversity is one more reason why the IACLEA Training on Request program is so popular: it allows for all types of campuses to take advantage of similar curriculum, but permits the presentation to be unique to the particular type of campus hosting the training.

While addressing sexual assault on campus has been the most popular class requested to date, all of IACLEA’s classes can be requested…and even topics not currently listed. Current course offerings include:

  • addressing hate crimes on campus
  • building table top exercises
  • mental health concerns on campus
  • protest preparation and more.

If you have a training need that is not listed, IACLEA can work with you to create the training program.

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