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IACLEA Represents Members at President’s Commission on Law Enforcement

Director of Training Josh Bronson and Director of Government Relations Altmann Pannell at the Department of Justice BuildingIACLEA Director of Government and External Relations Altmann R. Pannell and Director of Training Josh Bronson represented the Association at the inaugural meeting of the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice at Department of Justice (DOJ) Headquarters in Washington, DC, on January 22. IACLEA members were also in attendance. The program included the announcement and installation of commissioners, a charge to the Commission by Attorney General Barr, and a substantive program on the issues that the Commission will consider. More than 250 attendees were present at the Great Hall in the Department of Justice’s Robert F. Kennedy Building.

Chief Paul Chapa of IACLEA member institution Trinity University (Texas) attended the meeting. He had the opportunity to present Attorney General Barr with the Trinity University Police Department Leadership Service Award for his unwavering support of law enforcement.Chief Paul Chappa with Attorney General Barr

An Executive Order from President Donald Trump instructs the Commission to conduct its study by focusing on the law enforcement officers who are tasked with reducing crime daily.  It also directs the Commission to research “important current issues facing law enforcement and the criminal justice system,” and recommends a variety of subjects for study, such as, but not limited to:

  • The challenges to law enforcement associated with mental illness, homelessness, substance abuse, and other social factors that influence crime and strain criminal justice resources;
  • The recruitment, hiring, training, and retention of law enforcement officers, including in rural and tribal communities;
  • Refusals by state and local prosecutors to enforce laws or prosecute categories of crimes;
  • The need to promote public confidence and respect for the law and law enforcement officers; and
  • The effects of technological innovations on law enforcement and the criminal justice system, including the challenges and opportunities presented by such innovations.

The Commission will principally conduct its study through a series of hearings, panel presentations, field visits, and other public meetings. At these events, the Commission will hear from subject matter experts, public officials, private citizens, and other relevant stakeholders and institutions who can provide valuable insight into these issues.

Director of Training Josh Bronson with Chief Paul Cell of IACLEA Member institution Montclair State UniversityThe Commissioners, appointed by the Attorney General, are urban police chiefs, state prosecutors, county sheriffs, members of rural law enforcement, federal agents, U.S. Attorneys, and a state attorney general. In addition to their diverse experiences and backgrounds, each member brings to the Commission expertise in formulating and shaping law enforcement policy and leading police departments and law enforcement organizations

As Director Pannell stated, “IACLEA’s continued partnership with the Department of Justice will remain valuable and allow our members to access law enforcement personnel in multiple spaces to address and discuss issues, rising threats, and concerns that can affect our campus communities.” 


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