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A Message of Support from President Vinson

Dear Colleagues,

I write to let you know that our Board of Directors and IACLEA staff are thinking about all of you, our campus police and public safety colleagues on the frontlines of responding to the harm that has come from COVID-19. As first responders, these challenging times are difficult for you, your families, your team members—sworn and/or civilian, alike—and your respective higher education institutions.

The work that is more difficult to see as we carry on is the internal work of managing the anxiety we may be feeling for our loved ones and ourselves; concern about the public health crisis; sadness of being separated from family or friends who may be at high risk; the concern for our children—on every level, including the stress/frustrations that can build as we live in close quarters—yes, even with those we love.  And, of course, the fear of the unknown economic toll that could possibly threaten our ability to meet our financial obligations.  As each of these realities shadows the work that we continue to do in our campus communities, it is important to remember our passion for this work, as well.

When speaking of the new reality we face from this global pandemic, we often refer to how we are managing the reality of doing what we usually do in a new and different way.  Once again, our campus police and public safety professionals have proven to be extraordinarily capable of meeting challenges—doing what we know needs to be done, despite the nature, or extent, of the obstacles we face.  

We are fortunate to be part of a community that dedicates itself to this very endeavor—continuing to provide a high level of police and public safety services to our communities—in short, an association committed to the cultivation of our humanity in good—and in difficult—times.

Please know that our thoughts are with you, and the Board and I are here to help in any way we can.  If there is anything that we at IACLEA can do to be helpful to you or your departments during this difficult time, just say the word.  I feel especially fortunate at this time to be a part of IACLEA, with so many remarkable leaders and professionals who care so deeply about our community charged with protecting public safety.

I wish you all health and safety. Please take a moment to hear from me and several other BOD members in this short video



John Vinson, PhD
IACLEA President


IACLEA has made available a variety of COVID-19 resources and information. It's posted in IACLEA CONNECTIONS and here on the website. Information is updated nearly daily. Join weekly briefing calls (see Calendar page).