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IACLEA Remembers Colleague and Friend Cassandra “Connie” Pair

On her first day at IACLEA, Connie joined colleagues Josh Bronson, O’Neil Singleton, Jerry Murphy, and Jeff Allison (left to right) for a photo. The IACLEA staff and leadership were saddened to learn on May 26 of the sudden death of one of their colleagues Cassandra “Connie” Pair, program coordinator for IACLEA’s Accreditation Program. Connie passed away over Memorial Day weekend in her home.

“We are shocked and dismayed by the news of Connie’s death,” said IACLEA Executive Director John Bernhards. “Connie was an integral part of IACLEA’s ‘small, but mighty’ staff. She had a love for music, and she was so very dedicated to her family.  She also had a wonderful sense of humor and usually was responsible for a few good laughs every day, either with an on-target observation or a raised eyebrow that said it all. She also had her colleague’s safety in mind, sending us off every day with ‘Y’all be careful out there.’ We will all miss Connie’s wit and contributions to this team.”

“Connie was such a welcome addition to IACLEA, and specifically to the Accreditation program,” said Jessica A. Luedtke, Ph.D., assistant director, accreditation manager, Medical College of Wisconsin Public Safety. “The Accreditation Commission’s primary goal is to see its agencies succeed, and Connie exhibited that spirit in everything she did. Connie will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with Connie’s family and friends.”

Connie joined IACLEA in December 2018 to support the Accreditation Program, Management Services, and the Awards Committee. She helped coordinate onsite Accreditation visits, support accredited agencies in their preparation for onsite assessments, and to work with the Accreditation Commission to revamp the Accreditation process.

Accreditation Commissioners gathered for a program strategy session in March 2019. Connie is seated, far left. “Connie was a highly valuable and respected member of our Professional Services team,” said Director of Professional Services Jerry Murphy. “She was always focused on the well-being of the people—agency accreditation managers and assessors—that were instrumental to the Accreditation program.”

Her colleagues reminisced about her big laugh that drew officewide attention. And they recognized her kindness, especially her ability to remember small details about their families.

Connie was born in Washington, DC, and attended Mary Baldwin College, in Staunton, Virginia.

IACLEA thanks Connie for her devoted service to the membership, accredited agencies, and campus public safety. We’ll miss her very much.


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