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Statement From IACLEA on the Death of George Floyd

IACLEA extends its deepest sympathy to the family and friends of George Floyd, who died on May 25 while in the custody of Minneapolis Police Department officers. This incident has caused pain to the Minneapolis community and to millions around the globe who have witnessed it through video.  The death of Mr. Floyd and the manner in which he was detained is deeply disturbing, horrific, and senseless. 

Campus public safety and law enforcement agencies work closely and in partnership with municipal and state law enforcement. These relationships are vitally important, as are the relationships campus police and public safety agencies maintain with students, faculty, staff, and all who visit and enjoy our campus communities.

Campus police and public safety agencies support the values found within higher education and that are embraced within our campus communities.  Those values include the advancement of learning; fostering acceptance and respect for others; and cultivating a community of trust and care.  Like the members it serves, IACLEA continues to commit itself to these values and will dedicate its efforts and partnerships to our communities by giving them voice, and by working side by side together with vigor, understanding, and acceptance.

Community trust is the necessary foundation for law enforcement to effectively carry out its core duty: to protect and serve. The relationship between communities of color and law enforcement has been tenuous, and this tragedy is a setback for efforts to create trust and build relationships. Whenever and wherever officers misuse their authority and harm the very citizens they swore to protect, they break the bond of trust between law enforcement and the community – and, in turn, taint the good work, bravery, and professionalism of all law enforcement and public safety professionals. 

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