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Maintaining Campus Community Relations During a Pandemic from CRI-TAC

Throughout the pandemic, campus public safety agencies have sought innovative means for staying connected and engaged with the campus, and surrounding, communities. This panel discussed this important community engagement element during COVID-19. Panelists shared their experiences and highlight contemporary practices while engaging through a question-and-answer format. For FREE TRAINING and/or TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE on a wide variety of topics, IACLEA is apart of a great partnership in CRI-TAC.


  • Chief Jill Lees, Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Chief Clarence Green Jr., Northwestern Missouri State University
  • Chief L. Angela Weeb, Southwest Tennessee Community College


OVW Campus Program Training

IACLEA in partnership with the East Central University’s Safety Training and Technical Assistance for Administrators, Boards, and Law Enforcement (STTAABLE) presents the Office on Violence Against Women’s Campus Program Training. These workshops are currently open and are free for all.