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One Year Later: Remembering George Floyd

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. Since his death, events across the United States and around the world remind us that we still have work to do to re-establish the trust that was lost within our communities.

Campus police and public safety personnel have long been strong community partners on their campuses; but as we know, one incident can change the perceptions of policing and public safety the world over. Now is the time for us to re-commit to making policing safer for our communities and for the officers that serve them so selflessly.

John Bernhards“We remember George Floyd and his family on the anniversary of Mr. Floyd’s death,” IACLEA’s Executive Director John Bernhards said.  “IACLEA is committed to learning, acceptance, and respect for others; and cultivating trust and care within our campus communities, and communities everywhere.” 

Eric Heath

“As we remember the terrible events of the past year, we must continue to have difficult, but necessary, conversations to ensure that policing is viewed by all as the noble profession that it is,” said IACLEA President Eric Heath.

“We must continue to look inward at ourselves, listen to those around us, and make the needed changes to make policing safer for our communities, as well as for those officers that serve their communities nobly day in and day out,” Heath added.


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