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IACLEA Statement On Averted Active Shooting at Embry-Riddle

On Dec. 9, two students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Florida campus) reported worrisome comments made by another student who was participating in a Snapchat group discussion. The students reported their concerns to the university campus public safety department, which then worked with the Daytona Beach Police Department to investigate. A student suspect was soon apprehended as he was leaving his off-campus apartment, carrying a bag that contained a foldable semi-automatic rifle and multiple rounds of ammunition. The Daytona Beach Police Department stated it believes the suspect who is now charged was planning an active shooter event on the Embry-Riddle campus.

Last week’s event at Embry-Riddle demonstrates three critical facts. The first is the vital role that campus public safety and law enforcement agencies serve to protect campus communities and keep our students safe. Second, it shows the importance of students and how all members of our campus communities take initiative and report concerning and threatening behavior and statements to authorities when they observe them. And lastly, that all campus communities—students, administrators, faculty, staff and campus public safety and law enforcement—must work closely together, to ensure mutual safety, protection, and well-being.

IACLEA applauds the actions of the two Embry-Riddle students who took quick and decisive action. We also applaud the work of the Embry-Riddle University Campus Safety and Security Department and its Director of Safety and Security, Jackie Litzinger, and also the Daytona Beach Police Department for its service to the Embry-Riddle campus and community.


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