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IACLEA Signs Consultancy Agreement with Brooks, Bawden, and Moore, LLC

Capitol BuildingThe International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators has signed a consultancy agreement with Brooks, Bawden, and Moore, LLC (BBM), which will provide counsel and support to IACLEA’s government affairs program and public policy priorities in Washington. BBM will begin its work for IACLEA on January 1, 2022.

IACLEA President Patrick Ogden“BBM will provide IACLEA with a targeted and focused government affairs presence on Capitol Hill, the Administration, and with federal agencies,” said IACLEA President Patrick Ogden, Associate Vice President & Chief of Police the University of Delaware.

“By working with Brooks, Bawden, and Moore, we feel certain that IACLEA will be represented at relevant meetings and stakeholder discussions at the federal level on matters of interest to the Association. Furthermore, IACLEA will be able to communicate its mission and brand to policymakers in Washington, D.C. to ensure they are aware of the issues and topics of which IACLEA is qualified to engage for expert input,” he added.

BBM is a leading government relations and public policy practice with extensive experience and expertise in legislative and federal policy that impacts law enforcement and public safety.  BBM will provide IACLEA with support on the following public policy issues and topics:

  • Improving campus public safety resources to support enhanced technology, communications, training, and personnel.
  • Reducing violence on college and university campuses, including efforts related to threat assessment and risk management.
  • Improving officer wellness and safety on both public and private campuses, including enhanced resources and training related to officer mental health.
  • Addressing mental health resources for community members, including enhancing access to crisis intervention training and community access to 24-hour mental health resources.
  • Rebuilding policing trust and accountability, including through community oriented policing standards, voluntary accreditation, and enhanced officer training on de-escalation and duty-to-intervene.
  • Policing reform proposals related to qualified immunity, definitions of use of force, and accreditation.
  • Ongoing compliance clarification, including related to Title IX regulations and improvements to the Clery Act’s reporting requirements.

“IACLEA will work closely with BBM to formulate policy positions on behalf of campus public safety through our Government Affairs Committee and our Board of Directors,” Ogden added. “This relationship will also enhance member communications on emerging policy trends and legislative while making best use of member resources.”

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