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IACLEA Statement on Officer Deaths at Bridgewater College

On the afternoon of February 1, 2022, Bridgewater College in Virginia, was ordered to shelter in place for several hours due to a reported active shooter incident. Sadly, during this incident, two Bridgewater College officers, one campus police officer and one campus public safety officer, were killed. A suspect was taken into custody, within an hour of the incident, and will be charged with these murders.

Officers John Painter and J.J. Jefferson went to work this morning as they did every day, to serve their community and protect everyone on their campus. Today Officer Painter and Officer Jefferson made the ultimate sacrifice and died as heroes. We will never forget their sacrifice.

Campus police and public safety officers selflessly put their lives on the line every day to protect their communities. We are grateful for their service and will continue to support them during this difficult time.

IACLEA extends its sincerest condolences to Officer Painter’s and Officer Jefferson’s families, co-workers, and friends, and the Bridgewater College Campus Police and Safety Department will remain in our thoughts.

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