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IACLEA Welcomes Dana Kyriakou as Chief of Staff

Please welcome Dana Kyriakou as the newest member of IACLEA staff. She officially began her position of Chief of Staff on July 1.  

Dana is IACLEA Executive Director Paul Cell’s right-hand assistant, and previously worked with Chief Cell in his former role as Chief of Police at Montclair State University. She served as executive assistant to Cell at Montclair State University for two and a half years. However, the two have been well acquainted for over a decade.  

“I wanted to continue working with Paul because he just makes me laugh,” Dana said. “Every day is different, nothing is ever cookie cutter, and we get along and get the job done. We’re both passionate about doing good in our communities and for the law enforcement profession.”  

Dana said the two first became acquainted when a former boss of hers introduced them and had Dana help with marketing and events for Paul’s term as President of the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) and then later for his run for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) presidency. Paul was President of IACP in 2018-19.  

“I helped him with NJSACOP and IACP and we spent hours on the phone planning things,” Dana recalled. “We finally met in person and hit it off like fast friends. We always joked around saying that if we ever had the chance to work together again in an official capacity, we’d do it. Now, here we are,” she added.  

“I’m excited to be here and I look forward to everything! I look forward to moving the Association forward, from recruiting new members to building new programs to benefit our members, and so much more,” Dana said.  

Some IACLEA members may have been fortunate enough to have met Dana in person at the Annual Conference & Exposition that took place June 27-30 in Las Vegas. If not, feel free to send your well wishes to Dana over email. Welcome, Dana! 

Photo:© Mike Ritter


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