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Flock Safety Joins IACLEA Corporate Partner Program

Flock Safety joins the IACLEA Corporate Partner Program

IACLEA is pleased to announce that Flock Safety is the newest member of the Corporate Partner Program in January 2023. “As a longtime supporter of the Association, we are pleased to welcome Flock Safety to the program. Flock Safety license plate reading cameras are a valuable resource for campus policing with their duty to protect their communities,” said IACLEA Board President, John Ojeisekhoba. 

Who is Flock Safety?

Schools across the country trust Flock Safety’s Falcon ™ license plate reading (LPR) cameras to reduce crime, improve security, and promote safety for students, teachers, and the greater community.

Why do license plates matter when it comes to increasing campus safety?

According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 70% of crime involves a vehicle. The Falcon LPR camera focuses on vehicular evidence, including license plates and a detailed Vehicle Fingerprint*. Campus Law Enforcement can use this data to investigate criminal activity on and around campus. Administrators can also receive proactive alerts if a vehicle they have identified as at-risk, such as a suspended student or disgruntled employee, enters their campus.

*Identify vehicle body type, make, color, license plate (partial, missing, or covered plates), temporary plates, license plate state, and unique features like decals, bumper stickers, and accessories.

How does Flock Safety keep students, faculty, and staff safe?

By placing Falcon cameras on campus, Flock Safety helps schools protect their perimeters and strengthen their existing threat assessment models. Vehicle data enables Campus Law Enforcement to identify threats in real time and solve crimes. When a Falcon LPR camera detects an at-risk individual entering the premises, it alerts your safety and security teams and local law enforcement to prevent harm. The Falcon works 24/7 to capture the details you need to enhance investigative leads and solve crimes.

“Flock Safety is thrilled to partner with IACLEA in 2023 to help keep college and university campuses safe,” said Maureen Mulvaney, Director of Product Marketing.

Collaboration with IACLEA Corporate Partners advances the Association’s strategic initiatives, furthers its educational mission, and enhances the ability of campus public safety agencies to protect institutions of higher education.

Additional information on the Corporate Partnership Program.

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