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IACLEA Accreditation Program Partners with PowerDMS

The IACLEA Accreditation Program is pleased to announce a new exclusive partnership with PowerDMS in which all agencies will utilize PowerDMS for their accreditation files As the IACLEA Accreditation Program continues to grow it is important to enhance improve program consistency and efficiency. This partnership creates and supports an entirely paperless process and makes managing accreditation easier and more efficient for agencies and IACLEA staff.

More than 80% of the agencies in the Program already use the PowerDMS Accreditation module. Those agencies will see their annual PowerDMS subscription fee reduced by 45 – 55% depending on agency size. All new agencies and those not currently using PowerDMS will also benefit from the reduced subscription fee. All agencies in the Accreditation Program that are not currently using PowerDMS should sign up as soon as possible, but no later than December 31, 2023.

The partnership also will allow IACLEA staff to establish an online library for proofs of compliance, sample policies, and training videos, and facilitate the development of an IACLEA-specific accreditation coalition.

To learn more, please contact Jerry Murphy at and watch this webinar that provides an overview of the PowerDMS Accreditation module


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