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IACLEA Develops Canadian Accreditation Standards

I am pleased to announce that the IACLEA Accreditation Commission has successfully developed a Canadian version of its accreditation standards. The IACLEA Accreditation Canadian Standards establishes best practices and appropriate criteria for the effective and efficient operations of a Canadian campus public safety agency.

This manual is the culmination of many months of work to develop standards that reflect Canadian law, practices, and terminology. Many thanks to the Canadian Standards Manual Workgroup, a focus group created by the IACLEA accreditation commission, Jim Nawoichyk, Chair of the Accreditation Commission, and Jessica Luedtke, Director At Large and Board Liaison to the Accreditation Commission. The input and commitment to the writing and review process was exceptional. This significant accomplishment could not have come to fruition without the leadership and persistence of Jerry Murphy, Director of Professional Services. We are grateful for Jerry’s continued commitment to our Association.

We look forward to working with our Canadian members in their pursuit of IACLEA accreditation.

John Ojeisekhoba
IACLEA President

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