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Campus Police Officer III S1 12 am - 8 am

Institution name: Loyola University Maryland

Title: Campus Police Officer III S1 12 am - 8 am

Job location: MD

Job category: Officer positions


Posting date: 2022-07-14 00:00:00

End date: 2022-09-01 00:00:00

Position Summary and Duties

The Campus Police Office III position is an experienced law enforcement officer position. Campus police officers are responsible for providing highly visible patrols on and around the University campus, responding to calls for services, and identifying problem areas and situations. Campus police officers report to the Shift Supervisor on their respective shifts.

Essential Functions:

1. Patrol campus and the surrounding areas, respond to calls for service, back-up officers, identify and report hazards and suspicious activities. Patrol the campus being highly visible and alert for safety and security hazards, suspicious activities, and intruders. Respond to alarms. Respond to all calls for campus police services. Render services as per the departmental procedure. Secure buildings, offices, classrooms, and other areas per procedures.

2. Investigate reported incidents thoroughly and completely with the detailed information provided in a written report. Utilize resources that are sought to facilitate a logical solution/conclusion to the problem. Write complete, accurate, and comprehensible details about incidents and events as required by the departmental procedure.

3. Provide assistance to the sick and injured as per the procedures identified by the National Safety Council. Identify situations requiring medical assistance. Rendering aid as CPR and First Aid certification. Utilize AED’s and other issued equipment as per procedures. Provide escorts for sick or injured students, faculty and staff. Provide instructions to the Loyola community during emergencies, routine events and upon request.

4. Assist in controlling traffic, parking enforcement, and vehicle assists; contain and control crowds, provide a safe environment during large events. Control traffic as directed. Enforce all parking rules and regulations. Assist motorist with vehicle problems. Contain and control crowds in order to preserve peace and maintain a safe environment.

5. When needed, make arrests and/or transport arrestees to central booking. Appear in court to present evidence and/or testify as required.

Required Qualifications:

- This is an experienced campus police officer position.
- High School Diploma or GED
- 3-5 years of experience in higher education public safety/law enforcement/military/fire service/EMS/security experience
– Must be able to effectively collaborate with all Loyola community members including campus partners
– Complete and pass New Officer Orientation and probationary period
– Good driving skills and driving record, Class C or higher
- Must have and maintain valid state driver’s license
- Must be able to successfully complete driver’s clearance process
– Ability to support the mission and values of a Catholic Jesuit education, as well as University goals for institutional diversity
– Must pass a physical exam and drug test
– Must be able to secure and maintain a State of Maryland Special Police Commission (Fingerprint and FBI background check)
– Knowledge of Standard Operating procedures
– Ability to obtain CPRAED, and 1st Aid certification within the first 90 days of employment
– Proficient with computer technology, Microsoft applications, and electronic report writing software
– Ability to write and articulate information accurately and in a timely manner during stressful situations
– Demonstrated ability to be on time and meet required attendance standards
– This is an essential position requiring an employee to work during emergencies and University closings
– All prior law enforcement/corrections must provide a letter of good standing

*Note: All Department of Public Safety personnel are fingerprinted for criminal history checks with local and State Police. The contents of any criminal record will be used to determine the applicant’s suitability for employment as a Police Officer.

Preferred Qualifications:

- Completion of Certified Police Academy

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