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Campus Law Enforcement Journal

Campus Law Enforcement Journal

Campus Law Enforcement Journal, bi-monthly publication

IACLEA publishes the Campus Law Enforcement Journal six times per year. It is distributed as a benefit to all Association members and delivered to subscribers. The journal carries technical articles on policing and public safety issues, Association news, member updates, a calendar of events, and messages from IACLEA leadership. Our Corporate Partners and other professionals share new product and services information.

All issues are published digitally, and the Annual Report in July/August is also published in print.

The journal in its entirety is available only to IACLEA members and subscribers who purchase it. Selected articles are available on for a brief period after publication. Association and member news is available at


The Campus Law Enforcement Journal is prepared for IACLEA members—campus public safety experts at four-year and two-year higher education public safety departments. Members are police chiefs, public safety directors, and managers within agencies. The audience is unique: the largest group of campus public safety officials--anywhere. IACLEA membership stands at more than 4,300 in 11 countries.

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For more information on the Campus Law Enforcement Journal, contact editor Gwen Fitzgerald, IACLEA Director of Communications, 202-618-8277,

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